“Endearingly” isn’t a word.

Yeah, I know.  I’m a word-lover too, but if structure and rules are your big thing, you may be happier reading something else.  “Endearingly disheveled” is a term one of my precious friends once used to describe the enduring state of my hair.  I’m sure it is purely coincidence that the phrase also lends an apt reflection of the rest of my life as well.  In any case, I decided, quite a while ago actually, to claim “disheveled.”  Not to accept it, but to claim it -and all that is folded into the distinction between those two separate acts.  Experience has failed to convince me that there exists much merit to tidiness, in regard to my hair or otherwise.  So, yes, “disheveled” is me.

…And while I’m at it, I’ll take “endearingly” too.


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