I’ve loved much, and many. I’ve loved gently, cautiously, wildly, deeply. I’ve experienced good love and bad. All of it is valid. All of it is worthwhile. The greatness of love isn’t in it’s longevity, but in whether it has the power to deepen your soul. I’ll always love everyone I’ve ever loved. Advertisements


I guess I am notoriously bad at relationships.  All attempts at domestication have failed.  Maybe the men I’ve known have been especially talented at spending years convincing me I’m the most wonderful creature they’ve ever discovered and yet only days dismissing me as a cumbersome pain, but all signs point to me.  At a certain […]

Happy life

Best compliments ever: “I love that you still get genuinely excited about the work we do.  It’s really fun to watch.” -my boss, during my annual review “Well, she’s a lovin’ little thing, ain’t she?” -my bff’s mom (…although I think you’re officially referred to as a “mama” when you speak that way.  Love.)