Equal, we fail.


It’s like the class you took in high school that sounded compelling, but never managed to interested you because the teacher/administration/school system designed the content to emphasize a level of understanding only basic enough to cover their own ass(es) when the test scores came back. Intellectual growth? Critical thinking? The encouragement of young, malleable, enthusiastic minds? …Who cares? No one failed. No one got fired.

In the same way that we generally acknowledge a lawful understanding that we aren’t to take another human life, the idea of equality is so obvious, it’s just condescending. How tragic, how ludicrous that we’re debating it’s merits -and in an overwhelming number of circumstances, failing to uphold equality even to it’s most basal standards.

To treat each other equally is to dilute every spectacular eccentricity, to ignore all the fascinating nuances that purpose us, drive us and define our personal relevance. How infinitely might we be a greater, fuller, more actualized culture if we could see past our cursory features and experience each other as individually shining and glorious spectacles of autonomous beauty, not equal, but varied and a vast pool of talents, interests, ideas and strengths? What if we could receive each other without feeling personally threatened, without envy, without fear? What if we could fully accept another person, without simultaneously, somehow feeling we are dejecting ourselves?  What if we would be secure in our differences, celebrating our  individuality?   We would transcend the need for social equality.

…Yeah, I hear how insane and fragile I sound, musing on over such a wildly-detached, absurd, ethereal idea. That’s actually the point. Would the ideal be so far-fetched if we could trouble ourselves, as a society, to bother with upholding the crudest and most axiomatic component of humanity?

Equality is a concept designed to ameliorate the lowest common denominator of society. Somewhere along the way, we canonized it as the goal. And anywhere short of a goal that meager, we all fail. We all get fired.


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