You made a resolution? Ooh, original!

I don’t know.  Something creative I think.  I mean, I should say “keep my house cleaner” or something, but the clean laundry pile/dirty laundry pile system only bothers other people.  I’ve become pretty cool with it.  So, for New Year’s, I like to do things that I’ve just been wanting to do.  And maybe I’ll only do them that one time, but hey, at least I did something new.

My 2013 thoughts are:

1.) There’s a ukulele store in town and they offer lessons. I think it’d be fun to buy a cheap one and take a lesson or two.  Maybe it’d be cool to come home in the evenings, pour a glass of wine and ignore my laundry piles while picking a little ukulele.  Now, if you have any knowledge of how neglected my guitar is, you may discourage this being my resolution of choice.  And you’d probably be right, but the lonely guitar would, at the very least, have a lonely new friend.


Lifetime Resolution: Be this spectacular!*

2.) I’d like to take a painting or photography class.  I’d like to know that I’m not too old to acquire a new …well, “skill” may be a lofty word to use, but I don’t know -“aspiration”, maybe?  I’d also like the time alone that a hobby like that would require.

3.) I’d like to explore yoga a little more. I tend to avoid working out in classes because there always seems to be some overachiever weirdo that wants to one-up everybody and critique your form and all, but I’ve worked through a couple yoga dvds and I think somehow the atmosphere would be different when I’m forced to focus and there’s some sweet hippie music playing and my downward dog can be separated from my actual dog.  I’m pretty sure “Move! Don’t lick me!” isn’t an officially yoga-certified chant.

…This was fun to write.  Maybe I’ll start a blog.

Maybe I’ll seek out some ADHD meds.  Who knows!? 2013 is my oyster! …Yours too.  Cheers!

*I do not own this awesome photo.


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